Gianni Lanzarin

Gianni started the company prior to the Earthquakes in Christchurch and holds the brand close to his heart. The passion for quality has grown over the years and continues to do so bringing over 25 years of building knowledge.


Although we are only a small company we continue our planned slow growth with our focus on quality not quantity with our staff qualified and competent in the build projects we take on. Our staff hold multiple tickets to operate machinery such as Forklifts, Working Platforms and Boom Lifts, Site Safe and First Aid.

The majority of our projects are on the larger commercial builds assisting larger construction companies with their contract works. Builds include Christchurch Integrated Airport, Christchurch Hospital, Shirley Boys / Avonside Girls School, Canterbury University, Lincoln University, Seismic restraints to multiple Countdowns, Crown Plaza, Rolleston College, Waipara School, Warehouses,Office Renovations, Community Centers.


“We're a small and growing company. We look forward to meeting you and love to take on a challange, big or small. So what are you waiting for, let's meet"